Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by EliteBaer » Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:28 pm

The client linked to the marciocamello works with the server version.

A couple bugs on the server that I noticed in 2 days now. Maybe you could fix these :)

General errors:
# 1 Man do not go. Lebensbalken renews itself at 0 again and again to 100%
# 2 NPCs bugen. They twitch back and forth. Do not really run.

Pandaren warriors:
# 1 A new friend. Play with the Spirit of Water (Pandaren) id: 29679 // No solution
# 2 The Cart of the Quest Our Livelihood after Quest # 1 is not functional // No solution
# 3 The missing stick (the NPC is gone) NPC: Ji Firepaw // Solution: .npc add 55477
# 4 Body and Spirit of Shen-zin Su (Both spirits are not visible) // Solution: Submit quest anyway
# 5 Morning Breath (NPC is unresponsive) // Solution: Delete old NPC add new .npc add 55583 <- correct NPC ID
# 6 Battle for the Sky (NPC does not really attack) Quest ID: 29786
# 7 Proof of worthiness (NPC is not there to hand in) // Solution: .npc add 55672
# 8 Deliver Wisdom (NPC has no action) // Solution:
# 9 The suffering of Shen-Zin Su (heisluftbalong is not there) // Solution: NPC not in the DB. ID: 56012

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by ungored » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:46 am

First, I would like to thank you for this project, I love it!
Second there ar some little problems, but they doesn't make the game useless!
Third, I found a solution for them, who have problems when they accept, or complete a quest from/for an NPC. The game allways bugged and cant interract with MOBs or NPC after one of the prievious actions.

Open the world.conf file (SPP-BFA\SPP-BFA\Settings). In this file there is two lines, which we need to change:

Quests.IgnoreAutoAccept = 0
Quests.IgnoreAutoComplete = 0

These line need to be in value: 1. So this is what should look like:

Quests.IgnoreAutoAccept = 1
Quests.IgnoreAutoComplete = 1

I had change them, and first time i got the bug again, I waited for disconnect, after thet I relogged, and since there is no problem! I hope you enjoy now the game :)

And after this little help, which I hope you love it, I need a little help. I learned proffessions, and I can not grow uptheir level, could somebody give me a solution for this problem? And I have a second problem, on my Minimap the battlepets doesnt have their icon. They have food-and-drink vendor icons, to see this a give you a picture:

If somebody have solutions for this problems, I would be very thankfull!

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by EliteBaer » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:26 pm


Quests.IgnoreAutoAccept = 1
Quests.IgnoreAutoComplete = 1

These changes have been with me from the beginning.
Defiance I have the problems with the pandaren.

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by mysteriousdots » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:59 pm

i wanted to play BFA but gave up because there were soo many bugs and quests not working. This is probably made for someone who knows how to fix bugs for every single quest.

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by bluefeather » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:26 pm

it's a bit slow loading but greate is there a way to allocate more ram and vid power?
and a way to add more realms?

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Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (BFA)

Post by MarianoRyu » Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:59 pm

I have a problem - nothing happens when I want to go through the Dark Portal.

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