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Post by ungored » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:51 pm

Hello, I downloaded the BfA version of the game, almost everything works fine, i love to play the game on this way, but, i thought i would like to create npc-s which i can "hire" as companions.

I would like to get a full tutorial, how can i make npc-s for this, or if somebody can make a pack of this npc-s it would be very great thing.

My opinion is the next: In every greater city, and capital, in the taverns and inns, or maybe next to them there should be npc. The npc-s should be able to lvl up, (or not - if not there should be different leveled npc-s, and can be able to change them) and should have class with most usable spells from their class.
When i speak with them, they need to offer choice everytime when i speak with them, to chose which specialization want i them to use, and they should be faction neutral.

For example: In the Falconwing Square there should be one warrior, one priest and one hunter, and i would like to be able tho hire 2 of them at one time, and when i speak with them after hire, the next dialoge should be which spec i want them for use.
After that when I speak with them next time they offer me the choice for another spec, or can ask them to leave me alone. After this choice (leave me) they disapeare and should be able to hire them again at the Falconwing Sq.
If the spec choice is unmakeable there should be three different npc at every Inn to hire a Tank, Healer or DPS.
I know it is like to the BOTs, but when the whole thing is unmakeable you should make a bot mod, beacuse ther is one to the vanilla versions for this game :)
I hope I hear about this very soon, and hope you can understood my poor language :)

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