[Alliance] [Zone] Un'goro Crater

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[Alliance] [Zone] Un'goro Crater

Post by Kovelle » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:07 pm

Level 51-53 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
SPP Version 5
GM Account

[Quest] The Scent of Lar’kowi (24732)
Egg clusters in the quest area need to be stood on (not interacted with) to summon mobs to progress the quest. No mobs appear, rendering the quest broken.

[Misc] This zone appears to have an issue with node spawn rates. Resource nodes spawn several at the same point. This is also true of the power crystals unique to this zone.

[NPC] Gorishi Fledgling Colossus (38305)
This elite mini-boss quest NPC spawns twice in the same area

[Quest] A Little Help From My Friends (24735)
This quest is supposed to be an escort quest, however, the quest autocompletes without any escorting.

[Quest] Finding the source (24742)
There is no hottest spot to be found. All spots read "122 Kraklenheit," rendering the quest broken.

[quest] The Fossil Finder 3000 (24708)
The quest item Fossil-Finder 3000 doesn’t actually point the player in the correct direction of the quest location.

[Quest] Ever Watching From Above (24695)
Pulling levers in the quest area is supposed to start a scripted sequence where the player experiences the lives of different animals. No such sequences occur.

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