MacOSX images for PC (HackintoshZone)

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MacOSX images for PC (HackintoshZone)

Post by conan513 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:08 pm

This is a great solution If you are familiar with Apple's Mac OS but you don't want to buy any Apple Computer.
Niresh, the leader of the HackintoshZone site creating images from all MacOS versions for PC users.

MacOS have very limited driver support, so check it first that your computer is compatible or have similar parts like a real Apple device before you trying to install any Hackintosh system.

Here is some major issues of Hackintosh that I found:

Nvidia cards isn't supported after High Sierra builds.
I'm so sad to hear that and that is why I don't use hackintosh anymore.

Not any AMD videocards supported.
Supported cards list isn't much, but if you lucky than you can find alternative fixes for your graphics card.

Only Intel based CPUs supported.
Yes, I see some topic where I see the new AMD Ryzen cpus can run OSX, but never tested these fixes.

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