[SPP]DayZ 1.0.9 nonSteam live servers

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[SPP]DayZ 1.0.9 nonSteam live servers

Post by conan513 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 4:12 am

[SPP]DayZ nonSteam live servers launched!
Yes, that means anyone can play on the server without Steam.
You just need to download the game, apply the patch and play.
Server files also available if you want to host your own server.

Currently we hosting EU and USA servers.

How to start
1. Grab any legit DayZ game (recommend)
2. Copy the SPP_Modpack files into your game folder
2.1 Apply the latest SPP_Modpack patch on the same way
3. Change your ingame name in SPP-DayZ_Config_EU.ini or SPP-DayZ_Config_US.ini file
3. Run the game with the included batch files


Know issue:
You always respawn with random character look.

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