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Please make a Neverwinter.Online poject!

Neverwinter is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios and released by Perfect World Entertainment for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox One in 2015, and PlayStation 4 in 2016. Based on the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter from Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is a standalone game and not part of the previous Neverwinter Nights series.

Play­ers can be­come one of eight Dun­geons & Drag­ons char­ac­ter classes and form groups of up to five player char­ac­ters (PCs). Nev­er­win­ter was orig­i­nally based on a mod­i­fied ver­sion of the Dun­geons & Drag­ons 4th edi­tion rules set. This in­cludes the use of heal­ing pow­ers and ac­tion points, the lat­ter of which is im­ple­mented through a sys­tem re­ferred to as dailies, al­low­ing a player to per­form a spe­cial abil­ity by ac­cu­mu­lat­ing enough ac­tion points through com­bat. A player-cre­ated con­tent sys­tem co­de­named "Foundry" al­lows play­ers to cre­ate their own sto­ries and quests.[8]

It's not an MMO in the sense that there aren't zones with hun­dreds-and-hun­dreds of peo­ple. You are not fight­ing for spawns. There's a very strong sto­ry­line through­out the game. So it's more of a story-based game closer to things like Dragon Age or Obliv­ion, which we re­ally try to follow.

— Jack Emmert, [9]
On Oc­to­ber 5, 2011, it was an­nounced that the game­play of Nev­er­win­ter would be re-struc­tured into a free-to-play MMORPG with extra items and other ad­van­tages avail­able for pur­chase for an as yet unan­nounced fee.[6][10]

In Au­gust 2014, the Tyranny of Dragons mod­ule was used to bridge the nar­ra­tive gap be­tween the game and the re­cently re­leased 5th Edi­tion Dun­geons and Drag­ons.[11] Many of the sub­se­quent mod­ules would have ties to 5th Edi­tion Dun­geons & Dragons sto­ry­lines, such as El­e­men­tal Evil, Storm King's Thunder, Tomb of Annihilation, Ravenloft and Un­der­moun­tain.[12][13] In April 2019, all eight classes re­ceived vary­ing lev­els of bal­ance and ad­just­ments and each class was re­named to align with 5th Edi­tion Dun­geons & Dragons.[14]

Characters and setting
The set­ting of Nev­er­win­ter takes place in a time when the epony­mous city is plunged into chaos after the dis­ap­pear­ance of the last Lord of Nev­er­win­ter. In the af­ter­math of the Spellplague and a Pri­mor­dial Fire El­e­men­tal's al­most de­stroy­ing Nev­er­win­ter, as seen in the novel Gauntl­grym, the re­main­ing cit­i­zens form fac­tions and strug­gle for dom­i­nance over the pop­u­lace as the dead begin to rise and at­tack "the city they once called home."[15] The player is in­ves­ti­gat­ing the Sect Crown of Nev­er­win­ter and try­ing to fig­ure out what the skele­tons and an­other mys­te­ri­ous group are look­ing for. The in­cluded lo­ca­tions are based on the nov­els Gauntl­grym, Nev­er­win­ter, and Charon's Claw. Play­ers are also able to cre­ate whole new lo­ca­tions that may or may not con­form to the lore on which the rest of the game is based. This con­tent is clearly dis­tin­guished so as not to con­fuse users, and they are in­formed whether they are play­ing user-gen­er­ated or of­fi­cial content.[10]

Briefly as­sum­ing her pre-lich ap­pear­ance, the Lich Queen Valin­dra at­tacks the sol­diers of New Nev­er­win­ter, as new grounds are being built out­side of the orig­i­nal city, which is being re­paired. Valin­dra's ac­tions spark the Bat­tle of the Bridge, in which Barrabus the Gray (for­merly known as Artemis En­treri) and Drizzt Do'Urden are ru­mored to be pre­sent by gos­sipers at a pub in the shat­tered town of Luskan. Each sol­dier tells his own story of the bat­tle until one sol­dier re­veals that Valin­dra's at­tack was going badly until the blue dragon, Ful­mi­no­rax, a leader in the coun­try of Thay, helped her es­cape. The sol­dier fin­ishes by ask­ing the peo­ple where they will be and what they will be doing when the dragon at­tacks again.[16]

After their ship was sunk by a dra­col­ich, ad­ven­tur­ers help a nearby mili­tia of Nev­er­win­ter against Valin­dra. While not con­fronting her di­rectly on the Sleep­ing Dragon Bridge, the he­roes fight a Har­bin­ger, a huge hu­manoid un­dead, then go to Pro­tec­tor's En­clave to tell a Sergeant about what hap­pened. For their valor, the ad­ven­tur­ers be­come the He­roes of the Sleep­ing Bridge. Learn­ing that the Nash­ers took ad­van­tage of Valin­dra's at­tack, the he­roes track them to the Black­lake Dis­trict. There they fight a cho­sen of Ghau­nadaur and Nasher leader Kar­zov. With the Nasher Re­bel­lion ended, the He­roes head to the Cloak Tower and de­feat Vansi Blood­scar, an or­cish com­man­der from the King­dom of Many-Ar­rows.

Sent to help Dorothea Lin­klet­ter, the spellscarred wife of Josef Lin­klet­ter, the He­roes learn the wiz­ard Rhaz­zad had sac­ri­ficed all the spellscarred vic­tims he hid from Helm's Hold. Learn­ing Rhaz­zad's mas­ters to be in the Chasm, the he­roes de­feat the wiz­ard when he turns into a plaguechanged mon­stros­ity. Forced to delay going after Rhaz­zad's mas­ters, the He­roes are put in con­tact with the Harpers to fight against Malus and Tra­ven Blackdag­ger. Learn­ing the Blackdag­ger broth­ers to have been turned un­dead by the Thayan necro­mancer Kal­los Tam, the He­roes de­feat the pi­rates and Valin­dra's agent. Learn­ing the Red Wiz­ard of Thay Xivros plans to raise Ar­leos the Un­for­given, the He­roes are un­able to stop the res­ur­rec­tion but do put down the mon­ster when it rises. The he­roes also learn that in an­other part of Neverdeath Grave­yard, Valin­dra de­feated the Cult of the Dragon over the dra­col­ich Azharzel. The Spellplague vic­tims then be­come a pri­or­ity again as the Prophet of Helm's Hold has been re­vealed to be a suc­cubus called Ro­hini. With the Ash­madai ac­tive in Nev­er­win­ter, the He­roes raid the fortress, de­feat Ro­hini and slay her green dragon Char­til­i­fax.

When the Bar­row Lords and the Netherese necro­mancer Idris raised the dead of Ebon Downs, the He­roes of the Sleep­ing Bridge were dis­patched and de­feated the un­dead. When the Uth­gardt bar­bar­ians under the Netherese began to hunt down the For­sworn, the He­roes de­cided to put an end to the Netherese men­ace. Stop­ping Netheril's plans with Xin'Kar, a piece of the En­clave Xin­le­nal, the He­roes de­feated the Uth­gardt chief­tain and Netherese forces. Join­ing forces with Com­pany Yargo, the He­roes then took down an­other Blackdag­ger Pi­rate, the un­dead Bartholomew Blackdag­ger. Aid­ing the Ice­ham­mer Dwarves, the He­roes pro­ceeded to slay the Frost Giant Hrimnir and de­stroy the Win­ter­forge. When the Chasm is threat­ened by the Order of the Blue Fire, the He­roes fi­nally begin to fin­ish off an­other loose end: Rhaz­zad's mas­ters. Head­ing down the Chasm, the He­roes find A'Drx'l, the Abo­leth that was guid­ing Rhaz­zad, and slay it.

When Drow slavers from House Xor­lar­rin began ap­pear­ing and cre­at­ing a set­tle­ment called New Xor­lar­rin, the He­roes set out to stop them and put an end to their fledg­ling de­signs. In doing so, they learned that the Drow God­dess Lolth was try­ing to take over magic. While the Xor­lar­rins re­treat, the He­roes de­feat the Fire Giant Gom­moth and red dragon Kar­run­dax. The Xor­lar­rins re­take the aban­doned city of Zes­raena and fight the He­roes at the Doors of Del­zoun in a los­ing ef­fort. Learn­ing of the Xor­lar­rin al­liance with Il­lithids, the He­roes fought the Mind Flay­ers and their Duer­gar thralls, even­tu­ally en­ter­ing a struc­ture known as the Iron Heart to de­feat Yshig­gol.

With their strength grown, the He­roes of the Sleep­ing Bridge de­cide to end the de­struc­tive con­flict be­tween Nev­er­win­ter and Thay by tar­get­ing Valin­dra Shad­ow­man­tle di­rectly. En­ter­ing Cas­tle Never, the He­roes fight through hordes of un­dead and Valin­dra's most pow­er­ful sol­diers. Even­tu­ally con­fronting the Lich Queen di­rectly, they de­feat her and her dra­col­ich Ahzarzel.

Development and release
Promotion at E3 2012
Promotion at E3 2012
Atari bought Cryp­tic Stu­dios in the fall of 2009.[17] In late Au­gust 2010, Atari an­nounced Nev­er­win­ter, to be de­vel­oped by Cryp­tic Stu­dios, with a re­lease sched­uled for late 2011.[18] They re­vealed that the game would co­in­cide with a multi-me­dia event re­volv­ing around the city of Nev­er­win­ter, in­clud­ing the re­lease of four books (one al­ready in stores), a co-op­er­a­tive board game and a Dun­geons & Dragons role-play­ing game being re­leased to pro­mote the launch of the MMORPG.[19] In May 2011, Atari an­nounced that it would be sell­ing Cryp­tic Stu­dios, stat­ing that de­vel­op­ment of Nev­er­win­ter would con­tinue as nor­mal, but only for the time being.[20]

The game was first pub­licly dis­played at E3 2011, where many de­tails about the game were revealed.[21] The game was orig­i­nally sched­uled to be re­leased as a cross media event co­in­cid­ing with the re­lease of a se­ries of four books by fan­tasy au­thor R.A. Sal­va­tore and a table­top game from Wiz­ards of the Coast.[22] Laura Tom­mervik (Wiz­ards of the Coast mar­ket­ing team) ex­plained the ap­proach: "We use Nev­er­win­ter as the con­nec­tive tis­sue across mul­ti­ple prod­uct cat­e­gories. The trans­me­dia cam­paign is an op­por­tu­nity for fans to ex­pe­ri­ence the brand how­ever they choose to".[13]

Due to Cryp­tic's ac­qui­si­tion by Per­fect World En­ter­tain­ment, Nev­er­win­ter was de­layed to 2012.[23] Per­fect World also bought the rights to pub­lish the game from Atari, co­in­cid­ing with the con­clu­sion of Atari's law­suit with Wiz­ards of the Coast on the Dun­geons & Dragons li­cense.[24] Per­fect World an­nounced that Nev­er­win­ter had shifted from the co-op­er­a­tive mul­ti­player game that was an­nounced the pre­vi­ous year into a free-to-play MMORPG on Oc­to­ber 5, 2011. This fur­ther de­layed the game to late 2012.[6] Per­fect World would later again delay Nev­er­win­ter into early 2013 to bet­ter pol­ish the game.[25]

Prior to re­leas­ing major de­tails on the game, Per­fect World launched a viral mar­ket­ing cam­paign called the Siege of Nev­er­win­ter, fea­tur­ing videos from the game's story.[26] The game was at Penny Ar­cade Expo (Pax) East 2012, where it was awarded Best of Show by[27] In the same month of show­ing at PAX East, it also ap­peared at gamescom, where it showed off its Events fea­ture, and Gen Con Indy, where it let at­ten­dees try out early ver­sion drow race characters. It was an­nounced in 2012 that the game's cam­paign would fea­ture sixty levels. The game ran closed beta test­ing from Feb­ru­ary 8, 2013 to April 14, 2013. Open beta began on April 30, 2013.

Shan­non Ap­pel­cline, au­thor of the De­sign­ers & Dragons se­ries, wrote the "Nev­er­win­ter Cam­paign Set­ting was launched as 4e's first major mul­ti­me­dia re­lease — a mar­ket­ing ap­proach that Wiz­ards would reg­u­larly use in later years. It was closely tied to a se­ries of four nov­els, a comic book, two dif­fer­ent com­puter games, and even a board game. [...] Two more Nev­er­win­ter com­puter games were ap­pear­ing thanks to Wiz­ards' 'trans­me­dia' cam­paign. A new MMORPG sim­ply called "Nev­er­win­ter" was to be the cen­ter of the Nev­er­win­ter roll­out. Un­for­tu­nately it was de­layed for two years due to the res­o­lu­tion of a com­puter gam­ing law­suit and the sub­se­quent sale of the de­vel­oper, Cryp­tic Stu­dios. [...] Nev­er­win­ter (2013) fi­nally ap­pear only after the rest of the launch. It con­tin­ues to be sup­ported to this day and has par­tic­i­pated in some of D&D 5e's mul­ti­me­dia rollouts".

In June 2018, Cryp­tic Stu­dios an­nounced that over the course of five years:

"The near 18 million players amount to 775 times the population of Neverwinter".
"Players have died 202 million times".
"The deadliest dungeon is the Temple of Lostmauth".
The most popular race is humans followed by Tieflings.
The most popular class is Great Weapon Fighter followed by Trickster Rogue and Hunter Ranger.
63 million monsters have been killed including more than 6.5 million dragons.
Nev­er­win­ter has re­leased mul­ti­ple up­dates to the game called modules.

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