Dark Souls III / Private networking

Give ideas what do you want to see in a simple repack
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Dark Souls III / Private networking

Post by Hans » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:19 pm

Hey ya all.^^

I would like to request a Dark Souls III Singleplayer/Lan Repack. Main reason for this is because of how active the modding community is and how desperately they need a private network so they can go all out on there mods (mods, many of them and some of them have such high Quality).

As far as I know everthing what needs to be done is to reverse engineer authorisation protocol from FROM SOFTWARE`s Server. Would be nice if you can redirect it or something like that. I cant tell how big of a task it is but people ive asked sad , compared to emulate a hole server like wow or such, it is not so much.

I also saw you got a Private Steam Network going on with Dark souls 3 already included but no multiplayer so far so it would also benefit your network in a way, maybe :lol: .

Thats it so far for my request, hope its okay to make one like this.^^

For any help or questions, Dark Souls modding discord server seems nice --> :inv: https://discord.gg/vpfYE3K

Thanks for your time. :D

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Re: Dark Souls III / Private networking

Post by conan513 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:33 am

Yeah the private networking is needed me too but currently it's not possible
the crack team stopped to developing DS3 mp crack and it's not working

BTW DS3 available on SPP-PSN but the MP is not working yet.

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