[Alliance] [Zone] Felwood

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[Alliance] [Zone] Felwood

Post by Kovelle » Wed Aug 12, 2020 10:07 pm

Level 60 Draenei Mage
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SPP Version 6
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All of the quests in this zone do not have XP scaled to the player.

[Quest] Dance for Ruumbo! (27995)
This quest can not be accepted from the giver. If the quest is manually added, it cannot be completed without commands. A scripted event should also occur after the quest objective is complete.

[Quest] Crying Violet (28116)
The items needed to be harvested are visible on the ground but cannot be interacted with, rendering the quest broken.

[Quest] Dousing the Flames of Protection (28126)
This quest is not given by Andalar Shadevale (51664), though it should be.

[Quest] Hazzard Disposal
Quest item Kitty’s Eartag (63284) is supposed to make NPC Winna Hazzard (47679) react hostilely to the player and say dialogue, however, nothing happens when the item is used.

[Quest] Weeding the Lawn (28374)
Whisperwind Lashers are supposed to be interacted with to complete this quest. Interacting with the lashers does nothing, rendering the quest broken.

[Quest] A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow (28218)
The scripted event for this quest works, however, the last line of dialogue spoken by Arthas is in Russian.

[Quest] The Fall of Tichondrius (28257)
The first instance of this quest works with no problems, however, a second scripted event should play when the boss is killed. The dialogue plays, but no NPCs appear.

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