[Ally][Death Knight] Dreanor Quest Bug Raport (next quests)

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[Ally][Death Knight] Dreanor Quest Bug Raport (next quests)

Post by Fenris » Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:15 pm

1. [quest] Ashran Appearance

No talk option with Dungan Longdrink

2.[quest] Garrison Campaign: Darktide Roost (the entire quest line is seriously bugged)
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=35861/gar ... tide-roost
WOWHead Movie:
No target quester (Rexxar) in destination.

3.[quest] Shredder Suppressor
WOWHead Movie:
On the island's beaches lies a lot of destroyed robots the purpose of the mission is to destroy them. I found maybe two working and walking robots, I had to wait for respawn. Lying destroyed robots do not respawn.
No quester offering (Rexxor) the quest

4. [quest] Darktide Defender
WOWHead Movie:
There are plenty of killed Piferers on the island's beaches who are the targets of the mission (defeating them). I didn't find any live Pilferer (no respawn)
No quester offering (Rexxor) the quest

5. [quest] Dirty Rats
WOWHead Movie:
No quester offering the quest in the location (and its completion after completion). Using Rat Bait does not hurt the robots.

6. [quest] Releasing Rylak - it is only in this quest that Raxxor appears (located in another part of the island)
WOWHead Movie:

7. [quest] Rylak Rescue
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34450/ryl ... :id=127354
WOWHead Movie:
Raxxor should appear in the place of the final clash only after a moment after the arrival of the player's character. On the emulator, however, he is already in this place and is sitting on mount.
For this reason, it is not possible to climb on the mount, which is one of the mission objectives and thus reach the islet finishing this quest line.
We won't find Raxxor on a small island where he should wait for us after completing this mission (although his tag is on the map)

1. [quest] Garrison Campaign: Awakening
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36134/gar ... -awakening
No Thisalee Crow (quester) in the required location

2. [quest] Primal Fury
No Thisalee Crow (quester) in the required location

Other Gorgrond bug
n the central part of Gorgrond I came across large numbers of creatures lying on the ground, even though they have HP.

1. [quest] Plant pruning
WOWHead Movie:
The creatures at this location lie still on the ground. You can't beat them to complete the quest.
In addition, the quester (Altauur) is in a bad location (it should be hidden in the cave next to Birchus). Now it is located more to the south
Quester (Altauur) does not activate the option to complete the quest (no tag and gump with a click of the mouse)

2. [quest] Ambassador of the Ancients
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36437/amb ... he-ancient
WOWHead Movie:
Birchus (quest target NPC) does not have all the options in the quest window. There is only one on the emulator which blocks the mission goal count.
Quester (Altauur) does not activate the option to complete the quest (no tag and gump with a click of the mouse)

3. [quest] The Crystal Shard
Clicking on a dead Gorem indicates that the crystal has been collected but does not count them in the quest window.

4. [quest] South Gronn Canyon
WOWHead Movie:
Quest does not work on Dying Grom'kar Peon executed. Gromkar are already dead, you can't finish them.

5 [quest] Iron Horde Order Quest and The Gronn Strategy Quest
The goal of the first quest is to find the "weaponization order" item in the Horde camp near our location. These plans should be shown to the quester (Rexxan) to get the next quest from the line - The Cron Strategy.

There is one small problem here, because after reaching the location of the item and clicking on it, a gump opens with two options - finalizing the first quest and the option of taking the second quest. The thing is, if we take this second quest first, the gump disappears and you can't reopen it, and thus complete the first quest.

From the descriptions of both quests I read that after reaching the plans, they should be obtained to show Rexxan. Only then should this NPC allow you to complete the first quest and take the second one.

6. [quest] What's Under There?
The quest works mostly correctly, but you can't search the body of the messenger (the last goal of the quest)

1.[quest] Garrison Campaign: The Search for Owynn Graddock (the entire quest line is seriously bugged/uncoded)
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34284/gar ... s:id=90258
WOWHead Movie:
After finding the target, it does not count the completion of the quest. Some on the NPC display the quest window with the continue option that does not work.

2. [quest] Out of the Chains
WOWHead Movie:
Despite obtaining the key, it does not free the captive. After reaching it with the key and opening the quest window - the "continue" button does not count the completion of the goal.

3. [quest] Gearing Up
WOWHead Movie:
The map shows the location of all three items that should be found in one place (as one point) while there should be three points, separate for three different locations within the camp. Furthermore, the items indicated to be found are not generated.

4. [quest] Seeking the Truth
WOWHead Movie:
Despite the quest's tag on the map, the quester (Owynn Graddock) does not offer this quest. You won't find him at the destination, at the entrance to the cave.

5. [quest] Cleansing the Souls
WOWHead Movie:
Initial Quester does not offer a mission, the server does not generate mission objectives - Crazed Soul.
Quester disappears before the end of the mission and gives no further mission.

6. [quest] The Totems That Bind
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34288/the ... -that-bind
WOWHead Movie :
No quester offering the mission and finalizing it, no items are generated - mission objectives (totems).

7. [quest] Soulgrinder Survivor
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34289/sou ... r-survivor
WOWHead Movie :
No quester offering the mission and finalizing it, no mission objectives generated ingame.

7. [quest] The Shadow Gate
WOWHead Movie:
No quester offering the quest, the cave is empty, no generated mission objectives.

8. [quest] Something to Remember Me By
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34031/som ... mber-me-by
The quest tag is displayed on the map, despite the lack of an active quest line

9. [quest] Ours is the Fury
Horde Quest, displayed on the map of Ally's character

1. [quest] The Descent
The quest tag appears on the map despite not having completed the required previous quests.

2. [quest] Strike While the Iron is Hot
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36575/str ... ron-is-hot
WoWHead Movie -
Immediately after taking the quest, I can finalize it with the quester offering the quest without going anywhere.
So I added this quest again with the GM command, but then it turned out that the flightmaster to which I should go (Rangeri Rajes) does not offer a conversation transporting to the place of the quest.
Thus, completing the quest is not possible.

3. [quest] Primal Fury
Lieutenant Thorn does not accept the quest (quester does not have the option to finalize the quest).

4. [quest] Dungeon Iron Docks
WOWHead Movie -
While performing the dungeon, I was entangled by 2 already killed Grom'kar Chain .. who, despite defeating, ran after me and shot bows, inflicting damage :)
There are also no circular bombs in the instance, which are used to break the enemy blockade in part of the dungeon (you can see it in the video)

5. [quest] We Need a Ship
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=38257/we- ... shipwright
The quest is part of the campaign, while the quester offers it even if it hasn't started yet. After taking the quest, you can't complete it anyway, because the garrison flightmaster doesn't offer transport to the Iron Dock.
This quest is related to the War Council campaign (link below), and this campaign should be offered (instead of the above-mentioned quest) after upgrading the garrison to level 3. Despite building the Town Hall of this level - the quester does not offer the campaign only from right away - the quest already indicated.
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=38253/gar ... l#comments

6. [quest] Assault of the Pit
At one point in the game, I noticed that one of the Garrison questers - Bodrick Gray - has a 2x wait tag in the quest conversation window for the completion of the Assault of the Pit quest. However, I do not have such a quest among the downloaded and from what I can see, it should rather be - if already - associated with another NPC - Scout Valdez

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Re: [Ally][Death Knight] Dreanor Quest Bug Raport (next quests)

Post by Fenris » Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:50 pm

Related to "We Need Ship" Quest

I added the campaign with the command .quest add and then got this mission, but it turned out that the garrison flight master does not offer transport to the Iron Dock. I had to save myself with the GM fly command to be able to reach the destination point (no way to go through the walls ("off the shoe") and finalize this quest.
Unfortunately - getting to Iron in this way means that the local flight master does not offer a flight map, so I think I will have to fly the walls the other way also via GM fly or garrison heartstone

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