[Alliance] [Zone] Tanaris

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[Alliance] [Zone] Tanaris

Post by Kovelle » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:04 pm

Level 48-51 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
SPP Version 5
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[Location] Gadgetzan
Gadgetzan has 2 Goblin Commoners offering holiday quests for inactive events. It's possible this was only the case during the Midsommer Fire Festival.

[Quest] Butcherbot (25112)
This quest’s objective should require the Butcherbot Control Gizmo to be activated on Glasshide Bassalisk corpses, however, simply killing the bassalisks completes the quest.

[Quest] Rocket Rescue (25050)
This quest requires the player to board a Steamwheedle Rescue Ballon, however, boarding the balloon is impossible as it does nothing when clicked, rendering the quest broken.

[Pet] Sand Kitten
Sand Kittens are unable to be engaged as pets and are marked as hostile.

[Quest] A Few Good Goblins (25072)
Hazzali Cocoons need to be busted open to release goblins, however, no goblins appear. The quest objectives are still completed.

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