[Alliance] [Zone] Thousand Needles

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[Alliance] [Zone] Thousand Needles

Post by Kovelle » Sun Jun 07, 2020 7:15 pm

Level 45-47 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
SPP Version 4.5
GM Account

[Important Item] River Boat
The River Boat is an important mount needed for transportation in this zone. It is summoned with an item by the same name, but as of now only summons a boat that follows the player and is not mountable.

[Quest] Two If By Boat (25488)
After accepting the quest from Rendow, the player should be placed on a boat to the Mirage Raceway. As of now, nothing happens.

[Quest] In the Outhouse (25524)
After getting the required Pirate’s Crowbar item, it cannot be used to complete the quest. The error message "Requires Submerged Outhouse" appears.

[Quest] Pirate Accuracy Increasing (25532)
This quest requires the player to get a boat from Mazzer Stripscrew and put out fires. No dialogue option is available to get the boat and no fires are present, rendering the quest totally broken. The quest Circle The Wagons... er, Boats (25542) should appear after the quest’s completion.

[Quest] Two-Tusk Takedown (25627)
This quest gives the player the item "Fake Treasure" that should render Den Whompers non-hostile. Unfortunately, the item doesn’t affect any NPC’s, making the quest area difficult to navigate.

[Quest] Defend the Drill (25798)
This quest requires a drill to be set up and defended while it drills for oil. At the moment, the quest autocompletes upon acceptance and the sequence does not start.

[Quest] The Ancient Brazier (25762)
This quest requires The Ancient Brazier to be lit using the item Splithoof Brand. Using the item does nothing, rendering the quest broken.

[Location] Darkcloud Pinnacle
This area has invisible level 100+ demons that can still attack the player. They become visible when .gm on is enabled.

[Quest] Behind you! (28136)
This quest requires the player to kill three elite enemies after talking to them. Talking to them provides no dialogue options and the enemies can not be killed, rendering the quest broken.

[Quest] The Elder Crone (28140)
This quest is missing a scripted sequence for freeing the Elder Crone. The follow up quest To the Withering (28142) also doesn’t appear after this quest completes.

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