[Alliance] [Zone] Dustwallow Marsh

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[Alliance] [Zone] Dustwallow Marsh

Post by Kovelle » Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:50 pm

Level 43-45 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
SPP Version 4.5
GM Account

[Quest] The End of the Deserters (27213)
This quest requires the player to defeat NPC Gavis Greyshield on a boat southeast of Theramore. Once defeated, he should surrender to the player after some dialogue and be “captured.” Instead, Gavis appears swimming below the boat and is killed by the player.

[Location] Theramore Docks
Being in the water in this location appears not to affect how much breath the player has. In addition, the entire crew of The Lady Mehley stands at the bottom of the ocean.

[Quest] Thresher Oil (27217)
This quest requires Young Murk Threshers to be slain for Thresher Oil. After killing dozens, I can confirm none of the required NPCs drop anything, rendering the quest impossible to complete.

[Quest] Take Down Tethyr! (27222)
Starting this quest should start a sequence where a boss appears that must be killed using mortars on the Theramore docks. Unfortunately, this sequence never starts, rendering the quest totally broken. (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=27222/take-down-tethyr)

[Quest] Proof of Treachery (27240)
After accepting the quest, the player should be able to talk to Jaina Proudmoore to teleport to Stormwind Keep, but no dialogue option is available. In addition, the follow up quest Return to Jaina (27241) never appears.

[Quest] The Witch’s Bane (27189)
This quest requires 9 Witchbane picked. Though the model of the herb appears to spawn, it cannot be interacted with, rendering the quest broken.

[Quest] Raptor Captor (27242)
Each quest objective completed counts for 3 instead of 1, making the quest complete after 2 raptors captured.

[Quest] Direhorn Raiders (27340)
Many dead Grimtotem NPCs lie on the ground of the quest area. These dead NPCs are marked as quest objectives and can be attacked for quest credit.

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