[Alliance] [Zone] Southern Barrens

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[Alliance] [Zone] Southern Barrens

Post by Kovelle » Fri May 29, 2020 5:34 am

Level 31-37 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
GM Account

An infernal appears at (56.06, 40.58)

[Quest] Survey the Destruction (25191)
This quest should allow you to Nibb Spindlegear at Honor’s Strand to mount into a helicopter that shows the player the Southern Barrens and ends at Northwatch hold. Currently, no dialogue option is present for Spindlegear and the player is not mounted into a helicopter, rendering the quest broken.

[NPC] Captain Fisher (38622)
After completing Repel Boarders! (24933), Fisher should give you a dialogue option to return to Northwatch. No such dialogue option is present.

[Quest] Run Out the Guns (24939)
This quest should allow the player to mount in a Northwatch Shore Battery cannon and shoot down Rageroar Rowboats. Though the cannons spawn and work, none of the rowboats spawn.

[location] Forward Command
All of the Northwatch Rifleman NPCs are frozen in and aiming position with their guns. Sometimes they glide around totally motionless.

[Quest] A Line in the Dirt (25045)
This quest requires a field banner to be interacted with, then spawned enemies slain to defend it. However, once the banner is interacted with, nothing happens, rendering the quest broken.

[Quest] Claim the Battlescar (25081)
After killing 10 desolation raiders, the player needs to use a Battlescar Flag, however, clicking the flag does nothing and the quest can not be completed.

[Quest] Marley’s Final Flight (25120)
This quest should let the player speak to Marley Twinbraid to fly with him in a scripted event, ending with his plane shot down over Bael Modan. However, the dialogue option isn’t available, rendering the quest uncompletable. It also makes quests 25121 and 25175 unable to be started.

[Achievement] Southern Barrens Quests (4937?)
For whatever reason, despite my completing all of the Northwatch Hold criteria for the achievement, the sub achievement didn't register. It's possible this was my error, but in case it isn't, I'm posting it here.

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