[Alliance] [Zone] Ashenvale

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[Alliance] [Zone] Ashenvale

Post by Kovelle » Tue May 26, 2020 8:10 pm


Level 20-27 Draenei Mage
Client 26972
GM Account, though GM mode was usually off.

[Quest] Bathran's Hair (26473)
This quest is totally broken. Plants on the ground must be harvested around Bathran's Haunt, however, though the plants seem visble, they are not highlighted and cannot be interacted with.

[Location] Maestra's Post
I believe some sort of skirmish is supposed to be happening here. Instead, Horde and Alliance NPCs sit actionless unless pulled. The high density of Horde NPC's in the quest area makes questing nearly impossible without commands.

[Quest] Respect for the Fallen (13626)
Horde NPC's in the area make navigating this area impossible. At the peak of a nearby tower, there are two glitched NPC's-- one of which is supposed to give the player a quest item. Only one NPC should be present and should be dead.

[NPC] Sentinel Avana (33445)
This NPC is supposed to let you ride from Maestra's Post to Astranaar via a dialogue option on Nightsabers. The dialogue option has no effect, nor does clicking the surrounding Nightsabers. The same is true of the Nightsaber in Astranaar that should take you to Maestra's Post.

[Quest] Orendil's Cure (26474)
This quest should be a simple turn-in to Pelturas Whitemoon, however, the quest objective reads "0/1 Pelturas Whitemoon" and cannot currently be completed without commands.

[Quest] A Trip to the Moonwell (13919)
Quest should be given after Elune's Tear (1033)

[Quest] Return Fire (13853)
Shooting down the assigned Windriders and Hellions counts for about 5 each, therefore completing the quest in only three shots. Hellions also occasionally plummet into the town and surrounding lake without the quest active.

[Loacation] Raynewood Tower
Laughing Sisters are activatable quest objects to complete Recover the Fallen, however, they should be in a dead state. The surrounding Warsong Vanguards do not attack on sight.

[Quest] All's Well (13924)
Just like Orendil's Curse, this quest should be a simple turn-in to Pelturas Whitemoon, however, the quest objective reads "0/1 Pelturas Whitemoon" and cannot currently be completed without commands. In addition, this quest (and the NPC giving it) should appear after In the Hands of the Perverse (13922).

[NPC] Halannia (34377)
This NPC is supposed to allow you to become a spectral Shadumbra via a dialogue option. The option does not appear, rendering the quest Defend the Tree! (13935) impossible to complete without commands. In addition, an infernal stands in the same location as the NPC.

[Quest] Vortex (13886)
The Whirling Vortex the player is placed into can not be ejected from and requires a reloggin to get out of. In addition, the boss NPC immediately drifted to the top of the volcano upon contact, glitching out and making him unengagable. Quest required commands to complete.

[Quest] King of the Foulweald (13989)
This quest requires you to place a banner and fend of enemy NPCs. The area is absolutely swarmed with NPCs, making 10+ attack you at any given time. Difficult to survive long enough to face the boss.

[Quest] True Power of the Rod (26482)
This quest requires you to use Dartol's Rod and speak to Ota Wen while disguised. Speaking to him should allow for a dialogue option to complete the quest, however, no dialogue options are present. Quest must be completed using commands.

[Location] Satyrnaar
This area is overloaded with spawns. Every NPC and quest object here appears to spawn 2 to 3 times more frequently than intended. A high portion of the quest obejcts spawned (like the ritual gems) cannot be interacted with, but some work as intended.

[Quest] Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger! (26467)
The dead body that needs to be interacted with, Anilia, does not appear under normal gameplay in Xavian. The quest marker appears for her, but the body is gone unless ".gm on" is enabled.

I almost certainly missed some stuff while questing through this zone, but I hope what I found is at least useful.

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