A few Legion bugs.

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A few Legion bugs.

Post by Quacker » Sat May 16, 2020 1:33 am

Quests 'The Lone Mountain' and 'Paradise Lost' do not accept from the scouting map. Must be manually accepted via command.

Quest 'On the Brink' at Azurewing Repose offers Emmigosa as a pet reward, but the item does not show up in inventory after turn-in.

Quest 'The Death of the Eldest' at Azurewing Repose must be completed via command, due to Stellagosa's absence at time of completion.

Pile of withered stacked at location 48:25 at Azurewing Repose. Unable to pull mob due to number of spawns. Imminent death!

The order hall header appears at the top of the screen at all times while in Highmountain. Tested on both Shaman and Demon Hunter. Possible all classes.

Quest 'Bolas Bastion' does not work at Thunder Totem. No big deal, however, if you accept the quest, attempt to use the launcher, and drop the quest, the Bolas Launcher spawns at your location everytime you log out and back in while in Highmountain - no matter where. Resetting the server rectifies the issue, but it stands to argue this isn't natural.

Very good work otherwise so far on this. I look forward to future improvement!

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