list of different bugs

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list of different bugs

Post by dock » Wed May 13, 2020 11:53 am

hello :

different bug quest or moob loot :
- quest of thunderblade : when you are near to finish it and make the boss pop.. they are hudnred of them...who pop
- quest of eye of divinity : you got this jewel( 18646) in chest of chambellan in molten core. it should start a quest with a pnj( eris havenfire/14494) in eastern plaguelands. but no pnj and even if you make pop him, he attacks you - he need give you the quest : the balance of light and shadow.when you finish the quest he give you shard of nordrassil (18659)

bug of item :
magma's belt (19162) and furnace belt (19163) have same stats but are be totally different on official server.

ps: sorry for my english^^and thanks for the work

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