New Bug List 5/10 - one is zone breaking quest wise important

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New Bug List 5/10 - one is zone breaking quest wise important

Post by psyclosis » Mon May 11, 2020 1:54 am


Hero's call or the warchief command neither object will go past regular zones quests... none list northrend at all ive tested on 2 char on both factions ... even if you gm your self the quest and go to turn in the initial quest it will still sit there and next quest in line will be silver exclamation point instead of gold question mark which basically makes the entire northrend

quest id's on alliance 49551/28709

Stranglethon Vale

Heart of mokk quest taker wont accept the heart for turn in

the final voyage of brastiore
quest id 26697
Kebob despawns .. if 2 people are doing quest at same time i turned the quest in friend went to turn in the npc dissapeared


Mistmantle's Revenge -ring wont spawn enemy any where near the mansion

Classy Glass quest is asking for wrong item from enemy // also enemy doesnt spawn, even if you gm the enemy in game he doesnt drop item ..

Dawning woods catacomb north of raven hill.... buried corpse mobs attack from underneath the ground invisible ..also PLEASE reduce amount of spawns in there that is not single play density at all way over spawned. check all the way throught that area through to the boss just way over spawned.

Shadow fang keep

spitebone guardians infnite absorb on magic & Melee

blackspire spire lower

war master vonne
spam knockdowns till infinity lol
shadow hunter Yosljan spawn infinite hex with his 2 helper priest spamming polymorph
last boss -- seem kinda out of whack tried him on blood death knight once i got hiom to 50 % which even with solocraft on took a while then he pops 3 adds and the fights over at that point no way to get past the incoming damage.. and alos he spams knockup over and over ...


Anomalus no drops after death
Onmorok no drops
ALL Chrystalline Tenders enemies spam AOE healing OVER and over and over and over once again making completion a issue without gm assistance.

Azjol -Nerob

whole dungeon over spawned needs some love ... so bad that when you get close to second boss you can actually witneed him dying befor you get there....

all for now will update more soon but please fix northrend its major i cant quest anymore..

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