[Alliance] Dreanor - Garrison and Elodor pack of bugs

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[Alliance] Dreanor - Garrison and Elodor pack of bugs

Post by Fenris » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:16 pm

1) Quest: Trick of the Trade
The target does not respond to the use of a coffee mug ("invalid target" appears).

2) Dreanor Mounts Fly
In Shadowmoon Valley, I noticed that my character, using a gryphon, could not fly. Presumably the problems with the flight are related to the problem described in the previous report with the disappearance of pets while riding (and the inability to ride them).

3) Quest: Defendstations
Elodor guards (peacekeepers) do not argue for Shadowmoon soldiers attacking the settlement. The Blizz film clearly shows that they are fighting an impending opponent. On Emu they can often stand close together and there is no fight reaction between them.
video: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34781/def ... :id=127510

4) Quest: The hills of Valuun
Same problem as "A burial fields quest" described in my last raport
The mechanics of this quest are definitely damaged. Every now and then I received messages about an additional bonus task in this region, but only shortly after each such message counted killed opponents. As if the status of the quest and counting "got lost" when moving the player's character.
Blizz Movie:
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34496/the ... :id=127003
On Blizzard, the quest is constantly active in this area, on which the emu constantly activates and deactivates, making it difficult to count killed targets.

5. Quest: Naielle, The Rangari
Taking the quest does not close the information window.

6. Quest: Shut'er Down
Shortly after entering the cave, a empty robe levitates in the air, I don't know where it came from.
The crystal, which should be turned off, not exist here - you can see them in the Blizz film (only flying axe ? here)
video: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=35070/shu ... :id=128173

7. Quest: The trial of champions
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36169/the ... -champions
The marker for this quest is displayed from the very beginning of landing in Dreanor - on the western edge of the city of Elodor. After reaching the place - there is no character associated with this quest. From what I read the quest description - this tag should not be assigned to this location

8. Quest: The Traitor's True Name
Both characters that we have to defeat duplicate may of (not in accordance with the Blizz quest) during the fight, making it difficult to finish the quest
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34789/spe ... r-the-dead
Video: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34792/the ... :id=128153

9. Quest: Friend of the Exarchs
Description windows with the possibility to select candidates for companions (whe you will talk twith Rangari Chel and Vindicator Olaana)- are not displayed
The description is displayed only in the character Artificer Andren - but his choice has no effect
Video: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34788/fri ... s:id=90082

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Re: [Alliance] Dreanor - Garrison and Elodor pack of bugs

Post by MDic » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:30 pm

This zone is still on the list for future remake and assessment. I will update when we get to active remake and fixing.
I will be completely upfront with you. There are a messload of phasing issues with both WOD Garrisons and quests lines in WOD. It may be a while before we decide to get to it

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Re: [Alliance] Dreanor - Garrison and Elodor pack of bugs

Post by Fenris » Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:58 pm

There is no problem in Talador with the disappearing and emerging status of area quests (as described in point 4 inside Shadowmoon Valley).

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