[Alliance] Southern Barrens quests

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Lord Meow
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[Alliance] Southern Barrens quests

Post by Lord Meow » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:52 am

Sowing a Solution - 24566 - soothing seeds item (49882) can be used on target multiple times except of exposion effect which remove npc
The Guns of Northwatch - 24938 - cannoneer smythe (3454) is missing
Run Out the Guns - 24939 - not scripted https://youtu.be/USzAnNy-SgI
Back in the Fight - 24944 - you can use Herb-Soaked Bandages item (52014) at least 3 times on Wounded Defender npc (38805) until he disapears
Lifting the siege - 24948 - Paxton's Torch item (52017) can be used multiple times on 1 target Rageroar Catapult npc (38818)
Teegan's People - 25000 - Terrortooth Runner npc (37083) and Terrortooth Scytheclaw npc (37084) at quest poi mark population is too low
A Line in the dirt - 25045 - not working after interacting with neutral flag nothing happens and after a bit it dissapear how it should be https://youtu.be/hY4HRzk3tqI
Claim the Battlescar - 25081 - second objective as "battlescar flag scouted" is not counts toward quest completion
Working the Bugs Out - 25082 - is not working how it should, silithid mound object (3685) don't react to using Bucket of Burning Pitch item (50128) https://youtu.be/maQ3hgmJnSs
Marley's Final Flight - 25120 - Marley Twinbraid npc (39155) don't have an option to start scripted event https://youtu.be/stHuAxIdGX4 also Marley Twinbraid npc (39188) is missing for completion of quest
He Needs Ale! - 25151 - Keg of Ol' Barkerstout object (202567) is missing also fort should be burning https://youtu.be/mqNy-AeBnh4

horde npc showing sign that he has quest available https://prnt.sc/rgvmop

Legion build 26972 not using gm mode on

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Re: [Alliance] Southern Barrens quests

Post by MDic » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:16 pm

This zone is still on the list for future remake and assessment. I will update when we get to active remake and fixing.

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