Worgen Storyline

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Worgen Storyline

Post by josephm » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:19 am

I started the Worgen storyline as a Warlock.

Once I turned to lvl 2 my imp died. It was impossible to summon it again.
The mobs spawn very fast and very randomly. At the 7 or 8th quest it is impossible to continue since there is such a group of mobs spawn in the plaza that it is impossible to overpower them all.
There is also a quest in which a lady gives you a dog, but the dog doesn't do anything, just jumps around.

I also tried to start as Troll, but you can't do the first quest because the tiki target regenerates faster than the HP you can take from it.

Just to report. I'll try another race one of these days.

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