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SPP BFA 8.2.0 Repack Bug Report

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:14 pm
by MRGL9715
Hello, i've collected some issues i met during play to help you.

Missing name FeatureSystem.WarMode.Enabled in config file C:/Users/Name/Desktop/SPP-BFA/SPP-BFA/Settings/world.conf, add "FeatureSystem.WarMode.Enabled = 0" to this file
Missing name CacheDataQueries in config file C:/Users/Name/Desktop/SPP-BFA/SPP-BFA/Settings/world.conf, add "CacheDataQueries = 1" to this file

-Warmode unavailable.

Turned on Quests.IgnoreAutoAccept = 1; Quests.IgnoreAutoComplete = 1
Quest: Beating Them Back 28762 with Human Paladin still disconnected the server during quest accept and complete
No defined handler for opcode [UNKNOWN OPCODE 0x354B (13643)] sent by [Player: Garvey GUID Full: 0x08000400000000000000000000000002 Type: Player Entry: 0 Low: 2, Account: 4]
-Interface settings goes back to default when i log back.
-Second Paladin character doesn’t have these errors.
At Northshire Abbey starter zone missing quests for Human Paladin.
-Join the Battle!
-They sent assasins
-Fear no evil
-The rear is clear
-Blackrock invasion
-Ending the invasion!
-Extinguishing hope
-Report to Goldshire

Highmountain Tauren’s Bull Rush racial ability doesn’t knocking down enemies.
-Npc for Allied races, Ambassador Blackguard (133407) appears only in gm mode
-Orgrimmar Embassy: doubled Horde leaders> 2 Sylvanas Windrunner, 2 Baine Bloodhoof, 2 Rokhan, 2 Lady Liadrin,
2 Trade Prince Gallywix, 2 Ji Firepaw
Orgrimmar’s Gate to Azshara:
-2 Labor Captain Grabbit npc (35195)
-Quest The Captain’s Log 14134 doesn’t work.
-Quest Arborcide 14155 : can’t use shredder and Talrendis Ancient 35198 is friendly.
Completed the quest with .quest complete command, then speaking with the questgiver resulted:
No defined handler for opcode [UNKNOWN OPCODE 0x354B (13643)] sent by [Player: Mamnon GUID Full: 0x08000400000000000000000000000003 Type: Player Entry: 0 Low: 3, Account: 4]

Entrance to Ashenvale at The Mor’shan Rampart:
Rescue the Fallen 13613 not working.
Warchief’s Command: Ashenvale 28493: Npc Kadrak 8582 should be at 48.0, 5.4.
Gorat’s Vengeance 13621 not working

Shadowfang Keep: My character's ghost stucked. After relog, i could go back to the dungeon. I should mention that Dungeon Checkpoint is enabled.
-Plagued Swine is level 44 (16117). My Highmountain Tauren Shaman is lvl 23.
-Lord Walden 46963 doesn’t attack. Same with Lord Godfrey 46964.

Maghar Orc: interacting with Flying Trainer results WoW error. I lose my talent abilities from the action bar after error.

Thank you for your hard work! :D