Private Steam Network (SPP-PSN)

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Private Steam Network (SPP-PSN)

Post by conan513 » Sun May 17, 2020 1:10 pm

Single Player Project - Private Steam Network (SPP-PSN)
All credits to steamCooker who created the TINserver.
You can find the original project here:

So, what is this?
SPP-PSN using the TINserver to run a private Steam server.
I download the games directly from official Steam and uploading to PSN server.
Currently just a few small games added under the test phase, but I can add any games any time in the future.

Can I download the TINserver?
Yes, you can find all information in the official topic.

What can I do with this?
You can use the client to download and play with "any" Steam games that I already uploaded on the PSN.
Achievements, chat and friend system also working.

Is it dangerous?
Nope, first you need to create an account before login and you can add any information there. (better don't use your original Steam informations)

How to use?
1. Download the SPP-PSN client
2. Extract it anywhere you want
3. Always start with the TINserverClient.exe file
4. Create an account, log in and play.
5. Use the #spp-psn channel if you have any issues or just want to talk about this


- The first download start really slowly
- Download sometimes stuck, need client restart
- Multiplayer not supported in all games but working in some games if you start the game directly from the game folder.

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Re: Private Steam Network (SPP-PSN)

Post by CZmandarinCZ » Mon Jan 04, 2021 5:55 pm

Hi, working or not??? Im trying launch, but always eror in loading

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