[SPP]Minecraft - Cross Platform Package

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[SPP]Minecraft - Cross Platform Package

Post by conan513 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:37 pm

Minecraft - Cross Platform Package is a ready to play package for Minecraft that support cross platform plays (Java, Win10, XBox, PS, Switch, Android, iPhone)
Thanks to the https://geysermc.org project now it's possible to play Minecraft with friends on any platform.

So, what is in this package:
- Auto installer/updater script that can auto install/update all parts of this package anytime that you want
- Spigot BuilderTools and complete server with spigot/bukkit plugin support
- Minecraft Java official and TLauncher installer
- Geyser proxy app that allows to play from any platform on the included Spigot Server
- Java JDK/JRE 8 included
- Fully portable and moddable

https://mega.nz/#!p1hy0K7Y!IL-3_ImZ9CTi ... oVlefDR-Dg

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