Single Player Project - One Hour One Life installer

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Single Player Project - One Hour One Life installer

Post by conan513 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:26 am

Long time ago I didn't updated my OHOL repack, but today I created a builder toolkit.
You can download, modify and build your own game directly from the official public source code and repackage it to share with your friends.

Some changes added in the repack builder: (you can modify it)
- Connect to custom servers enabled
- Game start in borderless fullscreen on first start
- Life token system disabled (many people disagree this new system)

This project based on the open source files of One Hour One Life.

Download:!6tJyWKRQ!g40GbjSmAhN- ... zycGy5ZdHU

Copyright to Jason Rohrer

If you want to support the game:

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